From Ichiki-Kushikino to All of Japan and Beyond.

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From Ichiki-Kushikino to All of Japan and Beyond.

Hamada syuzou was founded in the same year as the Meiji Restoration, the event that inaugurated the era of modern Japan. The 500 years of shochu craft and the 150 years of our company’s history writes an extensive and profound story. This story motivates us to engage in preservation of shochu not only as a spirt product but also as a cultural phenomenon.

Our three distilleries were created in this spirit, each of them under different concepts —tradition, innovation, and heritage. The skills and passions which our predecessors have forged are the base of our tradition, and carrying these on for the next 500 years is going to require persistent innovation. The culmination of these traditions and innovation will eventually lead to shochu becoming a heritage that we will pass on to future generations.

“Taking Honkaku Shochu to the Pinnacle of Japanese Alcohol and Beyond”
Hamada Syuzou will continue to thrive with fans of honkaku shochu as we look to the future.



Tradition, Innovation, and Heritage

Since our inception in 1868, Hamada Syuzou has grown and prospered along with our homeland, Ichiki-Kushikino. Our current three distilleries — Denbeegura, Denzouingura, and Kinzangura — each embody one of our core philosophies of shochu craft: tradition, innovation, and heritage, respectively.


A Toast to Future

Over the past few decades, we have been witness to environmental disruptions and natural disasters caused by climate change.
These events have found us at the mercy of the delicacy of nature that lies behind the blessing of its abundance.
Whether in good times or in difficult times, it was a bottle of shochu that has always been by our side.
It is this irreplaceable value found in a cup of shochu that we wish to bring to the world. A cup that is filled with gratitude and wishes for our producers who tirelessly pour their heart and soul into their work.
Together let us have a toast to contentment, beyond all hardship.