CHILL GREEN Spicy & Citrus

Botanic Barley Shochu, Explore New Palate

The Fresh, Wafting Aroma of Maqaw Spice
Botanic Barley Shochu, Explore New Palate
Maqaw is an aromatic botanical we use as a raw ingredient in this spirit.
Taking advantage of this spice’s citrusy fragrance and a spiciness that parallels sansho peppers, the spirits is further elevated with umami in barley shochu to create a new flavor that no one has ever experienced.

The name of the drink was coined in a lexical combination of Chill Out as in “to relax” and Green that took inspirations from “botanical” and “natural”. This brand aims to be at the side those discerning customers who are looking for a relaxing time for themselves in a busy daily life. This is how we envisioned creation of this spirit.

—2 special manufacturing methods that create new palate
Botani-cohol Method
A method of developing a new type of fragrance-forward flavor profile by combining botanicals with mash (alcohol). Botanicals are added to mash at the optimum time during fermentation, allowing the aromatics from the botanicals to be fully extended to the end product of shochu.

Refined Blend
We use the most refined raw shochu in the blend to fully bring out Maqaw’s strength.
Note: Both Botani-cohol and Refined Blend methods are unique naming coined by Hamada Syuzou.

Barley Shochu
Raw ingredients
Barley (Australia), Barley Koji, Maqaw
Koji mold
—Cocktail Guide

—Cocktail Guide

Chill Highball (soda water mix): A magical highball with flavors that change depending on soda ratio
A) 1:2 ratio   Enhanced citrusy Maqaw aroma and spiciness on the tongue
B) 1:4 ratio   Classic Ramune-like fizzy sensation

—Cocktail Guide

—Cocktail Guide

Tonic water* mix: Tonic water adds sweetness and a hint of bitterness
*A carbonated soft drink typically made with carbonated water, sugar, and citrus peel extracts such as lemon and lime, followed by a dash of aromatic bitterness.
A) 1:2 ratio   Mildly sweeter to resemble a citrus-based ready-to-drink cocktail

Enjoy the sparkling sensation in your throat and explore the many flavor possibilities. Garnish with chopped lemon if desired.

—Food Paring Tips

Characterized by the citrusy aroma and spicy flavor, this distilled spirit is perfect for pairing with spicy ethnic foods or heavily seasoned dishes.
It also works well as a digestif with chocolate and other desserts.