Fuku-Kinzan Gold Leaf

Sweet Potato Honkaku Shochu with Gold Leaf

Kogane-Sengan sweet potatoes from Kagoshima Prefecture are fermented with white koji and distilled at atmospheric pressure, before infusion with a gold leaf its distinctive blue bottle.
A refreshing, fruity note on the nose with a crisp mouthfeel.
Perfect for celebrations where the glittering gold leaf adds a festive flair.

Sweet Potato Honkaku Shochu
Raw ingredients
Sweet Potato (Kagoshima Prefecture), Rice Koji (Domestic Rice), Gold Leaf
Koji mold
A Gorgeous Honkaku Shochu That Serves the Moment

A Gorgeous Honkaku Shochu That Serves the Moment

Local Mount Kushikino Kinzan (“Gold Mountain”) inspired the addition of the iconic gold leaf. Its sparkling dance in the clear blue bottle entertains the eye. A moment of celebration now feels extra festive. We recommend the convenient 300 mL bottles for souvenirs. One to commemorate your visit to Kinzangura distillery.