Nanako Plum Liqueur

Honkaku Plum Liqueur Instilled with Nanko Ume Plums in Our Nanako, a Traditional and Organic Uncut Shochu

Nanko Ume, the crown jewel of Japanese plum made in the Kishu region. Striving for the best possible shochu based quality, we pick our sweet potato based Nanako Traditional and Organic Uncut Shochu, which is crafted using the seven long-established techniques. The aroma is characterized by a well-balanced freshness and sweetness that is unique to the organically grown Nanko Ume, whilst the flavor profile borrows from Nanako’s exceptional smoothness and richness.

Raw ingredients
Sweet Potato Honkaku Shochu, Plum (Kagoshima Prefecture), Sugars

The ravishing blossom of plum heralds the arrival of spring in the Kishu region.
In the still cold weather, one sip enhances the scenery unfolding to mind.
Plums boast the trifecta of good flowers, good scent, and good fruit.
Their flowers blanket the mountains with a sweet, yet somewhat dignified and refreshing fragrance wafting through the towns in Kishu, Wakayama Prefecture.

We availed ourselves of organic Nanko Ume and instilled it into our organic sweet potato shochu.
Kishu, Wakayama Prefecture boasts its position as the top producer of high-quality Japanese plums.
From among the Kishu plums, we pick organically grown, unripened Nanko Ume that are infused into our honkaku sweet potato based, Nanako Traditional and Organic Uncut Shochu.

The result is an exceptionally smooth flavor.
From the sweet, gentle aroma of organic Nanko Ume to the fine richness of Nanako plum liqueur and the smooth mouthfeel, we offer experiences that you can feel to the fullest.