Barley Honkaku Shochu Infused with Kishu Ume Plum

A plum liqueur with barley-based honkaku shochu on the basis, blended with the extracts of Kishu Ume plum acquired through a special three-stage ripening method*. Turn the bottle upside down and sip to the sparkling dance of the gold leaf.

At 12% alcohol content, it gives off a plum-originated floral bouquet with the complex flavor notes of just the right amount of sourness and a subtle sweetness. Enjoy it on ice, mixed with sparkling water, or drizzled it over sweets as syrup.

*Three-stage ripening method
A method of ripening plums and slow extraction of the extract for a more full-flavored liqueur, which involves adding sugar to the plums in three stages, rather than all in once.

Raw ingredients
Barley Honkaku Shochu, Plum, Sugars,Gold Leaf
Drinking Tips

Drinking Tips

Ume-Kinzan works the way you like it, whether neat, on the rocks, or mixed with soda water.
Choose a 5:5 ratio, suited for soda water mix. If you prefer it neat, pre-chill the bottle in the fridge.

It also makes great toasting drinks where the glittering gold leaf adds a gorgeous flair to celebrations.